18 Very Best Places In Malta To Visit (2022)

Perched in the middle of the Mediterranean,the country of Malta is a stunning little archipelago that sits just south of Sicily and just shy of Tunisia to the north. It’s one stunning country to explore, with a whole heap of the best places in Malta that are dotted all across the islands.

Honestly, this nation of islands is one gorgeous place you should visit, especially for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Stunning fishing villages and natural spots to boot.

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18 Very Best Places In Malta To Visit (2)

Obviously, spending a day or two in Malta just isn’t enough to see all the best places in Malta as you’ll be spoilt for choice in spots to visit. For me, I’d definitely recommend 5-7 days; this way, you’ll get a good opportunity to head around most of the islands of Malta and Gozo.

On my last trip to Malta, I spent 5 nights on Malta itself and a full day exploring the beauty of Gozo, the nearby island that is easily reached by boat.

Anyway, I’m rambling as usual! With that in mind, take a look at some of the best places in Malta you should definitely see. Have the best trip!

1.) Dive to see the fallen Azure Window, Gozo

Sadly, one of Gozo’s most famous natural sites, the Azure Window collapsed in a recent storm on the island, causing the huge arch that (I saw on my visit) to drop into the sea.

It’s so sad to see this wonderful spot disappear but, you know what, that’s nature! It’s a constantly moving cycle of sequences we should embrace and have a healthy respect for.

If you’re an avid diver, now is a great time to visit the magnificent Azure window arch that crashed into the ocean. It’s one of the best places in Malta to go for this.

Make sure to only go on an organised dive and listen to local advice, this underwater landscape is new and still forming. No one likes a reckless diver.

2.)St Joseph’s Church, Msida, Malta

Not too far from the centre of Valletta,St Joseph’s Church is a gorgeous Roman Catholic church to visit in the small harbour town of Msida.

If you’re visiting in July, make sure to coincide it with the town’s feast of St. Joseph. It’s one of the best places in Malta to see during the feast.

Oh, and don’t forget to book your Malta and Gozo tours before arriving on the islands. The good tours can fill up fast and you don’t want to be left disappointed. Check out some of our fave routes, below.

3.)Popeye Village, Malta

You can’t visit Malta without seeing the original Popeye Village. Okay, you can if you want but don’t be a spoil-sport… it’s a quirky and a tiny bit tacky little village that was built for Popeye the film and has stayed on the island ever since.

And, you know what, I loved it!

I feel like no one under 15 will even know who Popeye is now! Anyway, if you do and you like your spinach, this one of the best places in Malta to see.

4.) Hike across Malta or Gozo

Now, this sounds more strenuous than it actually is. Near Popeye Village isGħadira Natural Reserve (this is where the island of Malta actually narrows to about 500 metres in width and) where you can walk from one side of the island to the other, in literally 30 minutes.

On a more serious note, if you want to go hiking, the Girgenti Walk is beautiful and takes in lots of historical sites. It really is one of the best places in Malta if you love a good ramble.

5.) See Ta’ PinuBasilica, Gozo

Located a good 35-minute walk fromGħarb on Gozo,Ta’ PinuBasilica is one picturesque place you should see.

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18 Very Best Places In Malta To Visit (14)

Although relatively new (in Maltese standards), it’s well worth seeing and popping inside when on Gozo.

It’s pretty easy to find on Gozo and easily one of the best places in Malta to see when on the island.

6.)The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Valletta

Probably the most iconic Basilica’s in the Country, The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is one of the best places in Malta to see.

It’s perfect to explore on your day in the capital. Keep your eyes peeled for the painting ofOur Lady of Mount Carmel that’s inside, too.

7.) See the sunset at Senglea harbour, Malta

The natural harbour of Valletta is hard to miss, especially if you’re going to be visiting the capital city anyway.

Make sure to visit the Senglea Harbour area around sunset, when the sun lights up the cobbled buildings with its beautiful orange glow.

8.) Visit the Upper &Lower Barrakka Gardens, Malta

The Upper Barrakka Gardens is one of the best places in Malta to get a view across the grand natural harbour around this area.

As the highest point of the historic walls, you’ll get to peek out across the harbour from a completely different perspective.

The Lower Barrakka Gardens house a picturesque temple that looks almost Roman in its design.

9.)Visit the Blue Grotto, Malta

The Blue Grotto is perched on the southern end of Malta and easily reached by boat or seen from above (which is better if you tend to get a little seasick). It’s quite easy to arrange a boat from most hotels and the Valletta itself.

Top tip: Make sure you visit before around midday to visit one of the best places in Malta.

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18 Very Best Places In Malta To Visit (22)

Due to the caves location and the morning light, this time of day/morning showcases a uniquemix of incredible blues and underwater scenery that’s transformed with the morning sunlight.

After about 1 pm the effect is not quite the same, so make sure to plan your time well.

10.) Go inside the Rotunda of Mosta, Malta

If you haven’t made it to Rome, you should definitely visit theRotunda of Mosta as it was designed and modelled after the Pantheon itself.

What most people don’t know is that the Rotunda is actually the third largest unsupported dome in the whole world and well worth seeing in person.

11.) Explore Valletta, Malta

The whole city of Valletta has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status and it’s easy to see why.

Once the midday heat subsides, take a walk around the cobbled streets and wander through this architecturally stunning capital that looks like it’s out of a movie set.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Adesso in the city. They make one of the best plates of pasta on the island! I beg you to find better. It really is one of the best places in Malta.

12.) Find Ħaġar Qim, Malta

The megalithic temple of Ħaġar Qimis one of the oldest and most precious historical sites in the country, dating as far back as 3,600BC.

That’s well over 5,000 years old! Make sure to visit the Northern Temple, the Women’s Temple and the Main Temple itself.

Although the site isn’t Machu Picchuwith its awe-inspiring vistas, it really does have a history that dates back much further than many other sites and is a great UNESCO site to experience.

13.) Go inside Grandmaster’s Palace, Malta

When wandering the streets of Valletta (or if the weather takes a turn for the worse), head inside the Grandmaster’s Palace.

This gorgeous palace has been at the centre of governing Malta for well over 300 years. Best of all, you can head inside and explore the State Apartments and the Islamic and Ottoman histories they house here.

14.) Gardjola Gardens, Malta

Gardjola Gardens is one place to visit that offers an uninterrupted view across the Grand Harbour and easily one of the best places in Malta to explore.

Perched on the opposite side to the UpperBarrakka Gardens, make sure to keep your keep a lookout for the sculpted ears and eyes that are carved on the tower, watching over the country.

15.) Hike the shores of Dingli Cliffs, Malta

One of the highest points on Malta, theDingli Cliffs are well worth the stroll, especially around sunset.

You can literally spend hours walking the shoreline, so take some water, a hikers spirit and plenty of sunblock. No one likes a burnt nose.

16.) Explore Rabat and Mdina, Malta

With well over 4,00 years of history here, head to the sleepy streets of Mdina and Rabat for a wander around one of the oldest settlements on the island.

18 Very Best Places In Malta To Visit (33)

18 Very Best Places In Malta To Visit (34)

It’s one of the best places in Malta to explore the quieter side of life on the island.

17.) Swim in Blue Hole, Gozo

Blue Hole is right next to the fallen Azure Window in Gozo and well worth taking a dip in whilst in the area.

If you’re a keen diver, you can book yourself on a tour underwater, deep down this amazing geological formation.

It’s totally stunning to see from above and below, so choose whatever takes your fancy.

18.) Go inside Fort Manoel, Malta

Built within the 1800s, Fort Manoel is one of the best places in Malta to see the fortified history of the country.

Perched overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this historic place is great to visit first thing in the morning when the sun is not too strong. Oh, don’t forget to visit thepiazza and chapel inside the fort, too.

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