Amazon Work At Home Telephone Customer Service Representative Hourly Pay (2023)

Updated Apr 22, 2022

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Total Pay


hrBase Pay


hrAll Additional Pay

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The estimated total pay for a Work At Home Telephone Customer Service Representative at Amazon is $24 per hour. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $17 per hour. The estimated additional pay is $7 per hour. Additional pay could include bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing or tips. The "Most Likely Range" represents values that exist within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role.

See Total Pay Breakdown below

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Total Pay Breakdown

Total Pay

Pay TypePay Estimate

Most Likely Range% of Total Pay

Base Pay$17/hr$13 - $2370.3%

Bonus$1/hr$1 - $25.3%

Stock$2/hr$2 - $38.3%

Commission$4/hr$3 - $516.2%

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United States

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How much does Amazon pay for Work at Home? ›

How much does a Work From Home Amazon Employment make? As of Dec 26, 2022, the average hourly pay for a Work From Home Amazon Employment in the United States is $28.60 an hour.

How much does Amazon pay for 1 hour? › Inc pays its employees an average of $17.84 an hour. Hourly pay at Inc ranges from an average of $14.80 to $29.33 an hour.

Does Amazon work from home pay weekly? ›

The majority of Amazon workers prefer this payment system. In this payment option, employees will get paid weekly via direct deposit –– every Friday.

Does Amazon pay people to work from home? ›

While most of Amazon's hourly job opportunities require being at a local Amazon facility, there are some jobs roles in customer service and corporate that offer partial remote or work from home potential.

How do I get paid from Amazon from home? ›

Let's get to it!
  1. Sell your own private label products on Amazon. ...
  2. Publish your own books on Kindle Direct Publishing. ...
  3. Sell wholesale goods on Amazon. ...
  4. Deliver goods for Amazon. ...
  5. Become a blogger. ...
  6. Flip store-bought products with retail arbitrage. ...
  7. Flip online retail store products using online arbitrage.
Aug 11, 2022

What is Amazon's minimum pay? ›

Amazon says it's raising its average starting pay for frontline workers from $18 to $19 a hour. Sept. 28, 2022, at 9:41 p.m.

Is Amazon paying $30 an hour? ›

$30. The estimated total pay for a Entry Level at Amazon is $30 per hour. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

Does Amazon pay 15 an hour? ›

Study shows Amazon's wage increase to $15 an hour also upped pay for non-Amazon workers. Amazon's pay increase in 2018 resulted in a 4.7% increase in the average hourly wage among other employers in the same labor market. We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we wanted to lead ...

Does Amazon give you 40 hours a week? ›

Depending on what is available, you could have a weekly schedule with a portion of fixed, consistent shifts and then pick up more with flexible hours. Depending on location and available hours, these schedules range between 10 and 40 hours each week, with the benefits packages matching the number of hours worked.

How much is your first paycheck at Amazon? ›

31, 2021. Amazon is raising its hourly wages for its warehouse and delivery workers, the company announced Wednesday. Beginning in October, Amazon's average starting pay for front-line employees in the U.S. will be bumped up to more than $19 per hour from $18 per hour, the company said.

How much do Amazon workers bring home a week? ›

As of Dec 20, 2022, the average weekly pay for a Part Time Amazon Warehouse Team Member in the United States is $669 a week.

What equipment does Amazon send to work from home? ›

What equipment does Amazon send you to work from home? An Amazon-owned laptop, headset, and Ethernet adaptor. All they ask for in return is that you have a reliable internet connection and have the laptop wired directly into the router at all times (using the ethernet adaptor provided!)

How long are Amazon employees working from home? ›

In addition to team-level decisions for at-home or in-office workplaces, Amazon said it will allow corporate and tech employees to work away from the office for “up to four weeks per year fully remote from any location” within their country of employment.

Does Amazon do pay at door? ›

Cash on Delivery is available as a payment method for fulfilled by Amazon and some seller fulfilled items. If you have Gift Card balance in your account, you can redeem it and pay the remaining amount using Cash on Delivery payment method. Note: Cash on Delivery fees may apply and they are non-refundable.

Which company is best for work from home? ›

Here's a list of work-from-home companies with regular job opportunities.
  • Sutherland Global Services. ...
  • TranscribeMe. ...
  • Trusted Health. ...
  • TTEC. ...
  • ...
  • UnitedHealth Group. ...
  • Working Solutions. ...
  • Zoom.
4 days ago

Does Amazon pay during break? ›

No free or paid lunch . (. 2.)..... 15 min breaks are fully paid .

Does Amazon pay you right away? ›

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days from the time we settle your account and initiate an ACH transfer before the funds arrive in your account.

Is it hard to get a job at Amazon? ›

Fewer than 2% of applicants get hired at Amazon.

If you're wondering how to get a job at Amazon, the key is preparation. Know what you want to do, know which program you want to be a part of, know Amazon's 14 leadership principles, and know what Amazon is looking for in a candidate early on.

Can you negotiate hourly wage at Amazon? ›

Negotiating a job offer for a fast-growing tech company like Amazon can be intimidating, but it's essential if you want to receive better compensation. In fact, 100% of our clients received more compensation when they negotiated their Amazon job offer using The Salary Negotiator's tried-and-true strategy.

How much Amazon pay for night shift? ›

How much does a Night Shift Amazon Warehouse make in California? As of Jan 6, 2023, the average annual pay for a Night Shift Amazon Warehouse in California is $39,022 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.76 an hour.

How often does Amazon pay? ›

You'll get your weekly paycheck by Friday in the weekly payment option, though it may take one or two days longer, depending on the bank. If you want to take your salary once every two weeks or bi-weekly, Amazon also provides you with the choice.

How can I work from home with no experience? ›

15 Work from Home Jobs for Candidates with No Experience
  1. Data Entry Clerk. Typical Salary Range: $23,000 - $42,000. ...
  2. Virtual Assistant. Typical Salary Range: $21,000 - $60,000. ...
  3. Search Engine Evaluator. Typical Salary Range: $36,000 - $60,000. ...
  4. English Teacher. ...
  5. Tutor. ...
  6. Customer Support Representative. ...
  7. Content Writer. ...
  8. Proofreader.
Jan 4, 2023

How to start working from home? ›

How do I start working from home? The easiest way to work from home is to convince your manager to let you switch your position from in-office to remote. Other ways to do remote work include finding a new job that's 100% remote, starting a home business, or doing side gigs from home.

Is Amazon pay a pay in 4? ›

Shop what you love from Amazon, without breaking your budget, when you split your purchase into 4 smaller payments with Klarna.

Does Amazon pay $18? ›

Average hourly pay for employees in customer fulfillment and transportation will increase from $18 per hour to more than $19 per hour, with employees earning between $16 and $26 per hour depending on their position and location in the U.S.

Can you work 4 hours at Amazon? ›

Work as few as 4 hours per week - build your schedule on your terms. Receiving notifications on your phone about shifts and work news. Canceling a shift in advance – no questions asked. No need to ask for days off – you decide your schedule.

Can you work 4 days a week at Amazon? ›

It depends on location, and what area you are working in. My location had Sunday through Wednesday, Wednesday through Saturday and Friday through Monday and we worked ten hour shifts. Not every location/position does ten hour shifts or four day work weeks.

How many hours is part time Amazon? ›

Personal Time
Part Time (20-29 hours per week)Reduced Time (30-39 hours per week)Full Time (40+ hours per week)
24 hours / 3 days36 hours / 4.5 days48 hours / 6 days

Where does Amazon pay the most? ›

Average Pay By State For Amazon
RankStateHourly Rate
16 more rows

How much does Amazon pay on the weekend? ›

How much does a Weekend Amazon Warehouse Team Member make? As of Dec 28, 2022, the average annual pay for a Weekend Amazon Warehouse Team Member in the United States is $34,358 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $16.52 an hour.

What classes does Amazon pay for? ›

Your education is on us

It helps fund tuition for associates looking to complete a high school diploma, GED, Bachelor's degree, and English as a Second Language (ESL) proficiency certifications.

How long is training at Amazon for work from home? ›

Productive and fun workplace

I worked for Amazon during the early stages of the COVID pandemic. It was remote, from home. They provided the hardware needed for the job. Full training of three weeks were provided and you were paid for it.

How does Amazon home service work? ›

Amazon Home Services is a platform that provides consumers with a “middleman” service. They select the job they need done (along with purchasing materials, oftentimes), and the service sets them up with a contractor to perform the job, much like Home Advisor, Porch, or Thumbtack.

Do you get free stuff when you work at Amazon? ›

Like other retailers, Amazon rewards employees with a staff discount. Amazon employees receive a 10% discount on items sold directly by Keep in mind, the discount only applies to merchandise sold directly by The discount will not apply if the item is fulfilled by a third party.

Do you have to work 40 hours at Amazon? ›

Amazon Fresh drivers are provided with the opportunity to choose their own schedules. However, warehouse employees are usually required to work between eight and ten hours a day. In addition, these employees are often required to work an additional ten to twenty hours every month.

Are Amazon employees fully remote? ›

Amazon has remote (or 'virtual') positions available to qualified individuals who live in some areas. So if you aren't near a physical Amazon location, or just want to see if there are remote opportunities in your area, you're in the right place.

Do you have to work 10 hours at Amazon? ›

Amazon drivers work 10-hour day shifts that begin at 5 am or 7 am, and 3:30 pm or 5:30 pm. Night shifts are also 10 hours long and start between 6 pm and 8 pm, and end between 5 am and 7 am. Certain shifts for Amazon drivers have higher pay rates.

Does Amazon Pay for employees phone? ›

No Amazon generally does not provide you a company phone, at least not when I was there. Most companies I've worked for wouldn't provide a work phone and there's no explicit expectation that you read or answer work e-mails on your phone.

How does Amazon work pay work? ›

How does Amazon Pay work? If you have an Amazon account, you are ready to start using Amazon Pay wherever you see the Amazon Pay button. Simply click the button when checking out to use the information already stored in your Amazon account. You don't need to create a new account or remember old passwords.

What is the highest paying work from home job? ›

26 Highest-Paying Jobs That Let You Work From Home
  • Product Manager. Salary: $100,498, according to PayScale. ...
  • Project Manager, Operations. Salary: $88,660, according to PayScale. ...
  • Senior Project Manager, IT. ...
  • Business Development Manager. ...
  • Channel Sales Manager. ...
  • Senior Account Manager. ...
  • Senior Sales Executive. ...
  • Front-End Developer.
4 days ago

What companies pay you to work from home? ›

15 companies that will let you work from home and are hiring now—some roles pay over $100K
  • CVS Health.
  • UnitedHealth Group.
  • Affirm.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Kraken.
  • Toast, Inc.
  • Lincoln Financial Group.
  • Twilio.
Nov 8, 2022

What is the best work from home day? ›

According to a Build Remote survey, Wednesday is by far the most popular day to work from home. Thirty percent of respondents would prefer to work from home on Wednesdays, whereas only 28 percent prefer Mondays, and 25 percent prefer Fridays.

Is Amazon paying $15 an hour? ›

Amazon's minimum wage for employees in the U.S. remains $15 an hour. Amazon is spending roughly $1 billion on the pay hikes over the next year as it looks to attract and retain employees in a historically tight labor market.

When did Amazon raise wages to $15 an hour? ›

In 2018, Amazon raised its starting wage for all U.S. employees to at least $15 an hour. We've seen the positive impact this has had on our employees, their families, and their communities. Since then, we've been lobbying Congress to increase the federal minimum wage—which has been stuck at $7.25 since 2009.

Is Amazon training paid? ›

Yes, the training and orientation is paid.

Does Amazon do paid lunch? ›

No, you clock out for lunch.

Does Amazon Pay extra hours? ›

No. I am salary so any extra time is not compensated.

Does Amazon have paid lunches? ›

Do Amazon employees get free lunch? Amazon and Apple don't offer employees free food as a workplace benefit. Free food is a popular perk among Silicon Valley giants — but the trend is starting to get major legislative pushback. Apple does run a highly subsidized cafeteria at its Cupertino, California headquarters.


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