English Courses in Malta for Young People (2022)

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Want to learn English or improve your language skills in one of the most beautiful and history-rich countries in the Mediterranean? Then the sun-soaked Malta, with its crystal-clear water and golden beaches, is the place for you! This English-speaking dream island is the ideal destination for students wishing to improve their English and immerse themselves in a young and exciting place.

Choose between Sprachcaffe's two schools, St. Julian's and St. Paul's Bay, and spend an unforgettable time making new friends and memories in a beautiful and relaxed environment.

So what are you waiting for? Choose Malta as your language trip destination and learn English in an engaging and fun way, while being only a couple steps away from the beach!

Language trip to Malta during COVID-19

Language trips to Malta are made possible by ourextensive safety concept! To ensure you have a safe vacation in Malta, Sprachcaffe takes special measures to ensure every student's well-being. Daily updates are provided regarding the COVID situation in Malta, so that students can travel and learn in a worry-free environment. In partnership with the Malta Tourism Authority, we are now offering up to €300 to be spend during your language trip! More information »

Beautiful beaches

The turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the golden beaches of Malta invite you to swim and relax.

Pure sunshine

Up to 12 hours of sunshine every day! The ideal weather for a perfect vacation all year long.

Easy communication

The majority of the inhabitants of Malta speak fluent English, so you can practice your language skills right away!

Variety of activities

Explore all the things that this Mediterranean paradise has to offer, from underwater caves to medieval architecture!

Your previous school lessons cannot be compared to Sprachcaffe's study trip to Malta! Through our language teachers' extensive knowledge and years of experience, our English lessons are truly unique and the ideal way to improve your language level ahead of school exams or further education. The mix between theory and practice offered by the Sprachcaffe learning experience is truly unrivalled, and the full-immersion in Malta's English-speaking environment the recipe for success for all of our students.

Our language schools in Malta

Learn English in St. Julian

For students aged 14 years old and older wishing to learn English and explore the beautiful island of Malta

More information»

Learn English in St. Paul's Bay

For students between 13 and 17 years old who want to learn English in smaller groups

More information»

Malta travel guide

General information and Malta's culture and history

More information»

Why Learn English in Malta?

Learning English at our St. Julian and St. Paul's Bay language schools is an incredible opportunity that you will experience nowhere else! If you are looking to prepare for A-levels, or to climb the next step in English language journey, Sprachcaffe offers a variety of courses tailored to your individual requirements. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, learning the world's Number 1 language in Malta is an experience that you won't forget.

Interested? Then don't wait too long! Register and secure one of our highly sought-after spots! By choosing Malta, you choose a holiday paradise with a unique combination of high-quality learning and adventure with people that will become life-long friends.

Questions and answers about Malta

What is the culture like in Malta?

Don't be fooled by Malta's small dimensions. The island is one of Europe's most culture-rich islands. With buildings and temples dating back to 5000 B.C., Malta is an open-aired museum ready to be explored. The island's historical roots are parallelled by its modern site, with the capital Valletta offering you the entertainment and living experience of a big city. But apart from its history and gorgeous surroundings, what makes Malta the place to be are the people. The warmth and joy of living of the Maltese people are contagious. You will feel immediately at home in such an open-minded and friendly country, who is known for welcoming people from all over the world with open arms and a genuine smile.

What are popular leisure activities in Malta?

Given Malta's small dimensions, one is never too far away from its beautiful beaches and islands. Some of the most popular ones are St. Peter's Pool, with its gorgeous turquoise water, and the islands of Comino and Gonzo, famous for their Caribbean-like beaches and the dreamy Blue Lagoon bay. But Malta is not only about sunbathing and swimming! If you are feeling adventurous why not explore the country's beautiful cities? Take a trip to the island's capital Valletta and explore its enchanting streets entirely by foot! Other unmissable locations are Malta's picturesque towns and fishing villages, from Victoria and Rabat to Mdina and Burgu.

Why is an English language trip to Malta recommended?

What makes Malta the perfect location for English language trips is the fact that English is universally spoken by its inhabitants. Spoken by almost 90% of the population, you will be able to completely immerse yourself and practice your language skills at all times. Malta is really the best of both worlds: a beautiful place to spend your holidays, and the ideal environment to significantly improve your English language level!

What is traditional Maltese food like?

Before gaining independece, Malta belonged to several other countries. This resulted in a cuisine that is a combination of many different influences. Malta's "Cucina Povera" ("poor people's cuisine") is characterised by simple yet incredibly tasty foods. One of the island's most popular snacks is 'pastizzi', a filled puff pastry. A great summer snack is also the 'ftiraf', flatbread topped with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and covered in delicious olive oil. Maltese cuisine is heavily fish-based given its many fishing villages. Another typical Maltese food is 'aljotta', an incredibly tasty type of fish soup.

What are some interesting facts about Malta?

Due to Malta's central location in the Mediterranean, many countries fought to conquer the island over the span of many centuries. It was not until 1964 that Malta became an independent republic recognised as a country in its own right. Besides English, Malta has another main national language, Malti, a mixture between all the languages of the countries Malta had belonged to in the past. Malta is not only a combination of multiple languages, but also of multiple islands such as Gozo, Comino, and other uninhabited ones. When exploring Malta either on foot or by bus and car remember that traffic is left-hand rather than right-hand, a habit adopted from the British. And lastly, with more than 300 sunny days a year, Malta is a true paradise on earth for all sun lovers.

Where will I live in Malta?

During your language study trip in Malta you will be able to choose between a friendly host family in St. Paul's Bay or a residence in St. Julian's located in the immediate vicinity of the classrooms. So whether you would like to experience the life of real Maltese people or you prefer living with other students, Sprachcaffe has an option for everyone.

Want to know more about Malta? Take a look at our travel guide »

Do you have any general questions about your language study trip? Maybe our Sprachcaffe language courses FAQ will help!

Online language courses for Juniors

All language courses can also be held online! Learn languages with the guaranteed Sprachcaffe quality with experienced language teachers in small groups or in individual lessons without leaving your home.

Learn languages online

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